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Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Lo Yin Yang Yoga combina due forme di yoga in un'unica pratica: lo Yin Yoga è una forma di pratica lenta che lavora sul tessuto connettivo profondo e sulle articolazioni del corpo mantenendo passivamente le posizioni per una lunga durata. Mentre lo Yang Yoga è una forma più attiva che lavora sullo sviluppo della forza e della flessibilità.

Combinando entrambi in un'unica pratica si ottengono grandi benefici, bilanciando e armonizzando il corpo, la mente e l'anima.

About the Teacher

Carmen Miletta Cossa began her Yoga journey in 2017 in South Korea taking weekly Hatha Yoga classes for 2 years, with teacher Vu Hong Hau (E-RYT-500; RYT-1000).

During the same period, she specialized as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Her journey as an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach started in 2014 in Amsterdam where she created her first company, 'EatResponsible'. With EatResponsible she organized educational events on nutrition at international companies (e.g. Greenpeace), schools, and private companies.

Her coaching approach is structured in different steps aimed at developing awareness, motivation and persevering commitment to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, with daily self-care.

In 2021 she obtained a certification in Mindfulness and Mindful eating at Monash University (AU). In the same year, she graduated from Ryoga followed by teacher Vania (E- RYT 500 and YACEP) as a yoga teacher. She received the certification recognized at an international level by Yoga Alliance (200 hours) and at an Italian level by the Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN/CONI) 250 hours.

During her training, she learns the practices of Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, history and philosophy of Yoga.

In 2022 she got a Certification for Yin Yoga practice with Yoga Renew school.

She had other international specializations in Nutrition and Wellness at universities in the UK and Australia.

She is a board member of the Italian Health Coaching Association (AIHC) where she contributes to various projects on patient empowerment, such as "Laboratori del Benessere" (wellbeing workshops for several associations of patients with rare diseases) and the creation of training webinars.

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