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 Do you want to change the way you eat, develop new healthy habits, and have focus, energy throughout the whole day?

Healthy Delicious Premium Membership is the perfect program for you!

It combines micro-learning, nutrition support and behavior change principles right at your fingertips. Rather than trying to stick to a diet, you change your behavior, one habit at a time.

My members receive achievable, practical and tailored nutrition advice combined with recipes and habits building tools to help them succeed.

Here’s how the program works:

Learn and Complete easy online nutrition lessons. Maximum 10 minutes per week!

Apply the lesson you have learned.  Each lesson contains an easy and achievable habit. 

Practice your habit so it becomes part of your life, track your progress with weekly consistency reports!

Get the support: connect with ME and the other amazing women through the Facebook group plus a group coaching call each month

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  1. The nutritional plate

  2. Food diary 

  3. Whole foods

  4. Carbohydrates

  5. Quality protein

  6. Eat your veggies

  7. Practice mindfulness

  8. Healthy fat

  9. Plan your meal


My Ongoing Facebook support

One-on-one group video session each month

Build long-term healthy eating habits through specially designed habit-building modules

Get practical with healthy recipes and mini-meal plans.

Fully individualized nutrition advice that suits you!

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